ACT ZEROセットリスト
at 東京 大塚 RED-Zone

1. Rambling Life
2. Paradise Lost
3. The Real Thing
4. 透明(初披露)
5. Destiny Insane
6. Already
7. Alabama Song(Whisky Bar)※1
8. Ticket To Ride※2
9. Wireless
10. Bloody Peace
11. Kaleidoscope(初披露)
12. Behind Blue Eyes※3
13. Snake In The Grass
14. Empty World
15. Running Wild
En.1 I'm Waiting For The Man※4
En.2 All That She Wants※5
En.3 Run Run Run※4
En.4 Flow Into The Space
En.5 Lucifer
En.6 Waiting For The Time(Now is The Time)
※Cover Artist
  1. The Doors
  2. The Beatles
  3. The Who
  4. The Velvet Underground
  5. Ace Of Base
Vocal.T-2(広石 武彦)
Guitar.T-1(伊東 正) Guitar.R(斉藤 律)
Bass.T-4(篠田 達也) Drums.T-3(堀江 毅)