at 大阪府 大阪ウォーホール

1. Kiss...いきなり天国
2. Hard Beauty
3. Wild West
4. Dear Venusメドレー
(Dear Venus
New Dream -Bad Moon Rising-
No Side Action)
5. Rebel Rebel(Vo.嶋田)  ※1
6. Bright Light Fright(Vo.岩永)  ※2
7. Save Me(Vo.岩永)
8. Stand By My Love
9. 砂の城 (Ocean Blue)
10. Believe In Me
11. Give Me Your Love
12. 明日へ
13. Long Away
14. Rainy Valentine
15. Dance To The Ruin
16. Golden Gate
En.1 Carnival Day
Rock Tonight
Time Bomb
En.2 Kiss In The Moonlight
※Cover Artist
  1. David Bowie
  2. Aerosmith
Vocal. 広石 武彦
Bass. 田中 Nob Guitar. 岩永 凡
Keyboards. 潮崎 裕己 Drums. 嶋田 祐一